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PebbleCreek residents stay informed about community news and activities through a variety of sources that provide easy access to timely, useful information.

HOA website

The PebbleCreek HOA website, www.pebblecreekhoa.org, gives homeowners information about what is going on in the community and is the official HOA website. The site is a repository of announcements, club information, HOA meeting agendas and minutes, documents, etc.

Online announcements

The Announcements page features current announcements about the PebbleCreek community, with the most recent announcement at the top. A maximum of 20 can be displayed on this page.  A subset of this group, the most recent eight announcements, are also featured on the private Home page of the website (after sign on.)  The Announcements page is only accessible after login by registered users of the HOA website.

PebbleNews eNewsletter

PebbleNews is a weekly digest of links to recent announcements, what's new on the website, upcoming events at PebbleCreek, and is sent as an eNewsletter to all homeowners registered on the HOA website.

lf Blast subscription eNewsletter

Golf Blast is a subscription-based eNewsletter written by the Golf professional staff and sent whenever there is golf-related news to share.  Any registered user of the HOA website may subscribe to the Golf Blast.

subscription eNewsletter

Cheers! is a subscription-based eNewsletter about PebbleCreek's restaurants, lounges, and snack bar.  Any registered user of the HOA website may subscribe to Cheers!

"Live PebbleCreek" Mini Videos

What does PebbleCreek mean to you today?   The Strategic Planning Committee held a series of community meetings early in 2015 that explored the benefits and value of living in PebbleCreek.  The message was well received by homeowners who each have their own perspective on the value and benefits of living in this great community!  Therefore to continue sharing the message, we have begun a series of videos to explore the possibilities of how residents live and enjoy PebbleCreek. We have started with some of our staff but will soon be featuring residents.  These short videos will be featured in PebbleNews and an archive of these mini videos is accessible to registered users on the HOA website.

PebbleTV, the PebbleCreek community television station

PebbleCreek has its own television channel through Cox Cable designed to keep residents up to date on community happenings.  Daily weather forecasts, current weekly specials in the restaurants, notices about upcoming events, activities, repairs and renovations are part of the programming.
PebbleTV can be seen on our monitors in the Eagle’s Nest and Tuscany Falls Clubhouse lobbies.
PebbleTV also broadcasts 24 hours a day to the residents of PebbleCreek over Cox Cable Channel 22 and Cox Cable HD Channel 1960, and is provided free of charge.  Residents who are not Cox subscribers can view PebbleTV programming on our internet site: http://pebbletv.org.

PebbleCreek monthly newspaper

The current issue of PebbleCreek Post, a free monthly newspaper produced by Robson Publishing for  PebbleCreek residents, is delivered to homes in PebbleCreek and is also available for viewing online.  If the PebbleCreek Post is not currently being delivered to your home or you wish to change your delivery, you may reach Robson Publishing at their Change of Address page page or their Questions & Comments page on their website www.pebblecreekpost.com.

PebbleCreek Source Book

The Source Book is a printed reference book that PebbleCreek homeowners receive when closing on their house.  It contains a resident directory as well as general information, a resource guide, and advertising from local merchants.  This book is published annually by Robson Publishing.  In order to be listed in the next Source Book, you need to fill out and submit the form located in the first few pages of the book or complete the online Source Book form.  The deadline for submission of information and/or corrections is October 1 of each year.

Bulletin Boards and Carousels

There are carousels located near the front desks at each clubhouse where you can find flyers and forms for various events being held in the community.  You can also find many of these flyers on the bulletin boards outside the front doors of each clubhouse.

Beyond our community - governmental resources

If you are looking for information beyond our walls, explore informative websites of your city, county, and state governmental agencies beyond PebbleCreek.

Director of Community Activities and Communications: Traci Baker (bio)

Phone:  623-535-9854-56

Email:  traci.baker@robson.com

Office location:  Activities Office in the Eagle’s Nest Activities Center (at the northeast corner of Robson Circle and Clubhouse Drive)                         

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