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Staying informed in an active community like PebbleCreek involves consulting a multitude of resources. Many are listed here, for your convenience.

Residents' contact inf

Look up names, addresses, phone numbers, and more -- of those residents who have set up their own PebbleCreek website accounts -- in an online Address Book.

PebbleCreek forms

Locate -- and download or print or submit online -- whatever form you need to get the job done. 

PebbleCreek documents

A wide variety of documents are available to you instantly from the HOA Board, its committees, staff members, and others.

PebbleCreek monthly newspaper

The current issue of PebbleCreek Post, a free monthly newspaper produced by Robson Publishing for PC residents, is available for viewing online.

PebbleCreek television station

PebbleCreek TV Channel 22 broadcasts to PC residents, using Cox Cablevision’s Channel 22.  Since Cox provides use of its channel free of charge, only Cox subscribers receive the programming. Others, however, may view much of the station’s programming at the PC-TV CH22 website. Resident volunteers staff the station and produce all its programming.

PebbleCreek maps and floor plans

Find your way around PC’s facilities and neighborhoods by consulting online maps and floor plans.

City trash collection

The City of Goodyear schedules residential trash pickup in PC, based on where you live and the type of trash.

Landscape tips

Pebblecreek’s landscape-services provider, DLC Resources, provides a monthly bulletin on landscape maintenance to help you keep your yard looking its best. View current and past printable submissions. 

PebbleCreek developer

Robson Communities, the developer that continues to build and sell new homes in PC and other communities in Arizona and Texas, describes its extensive line of offerings on Robson’s corporate website
Learn more about Robson’s Refer-a-Friend program, which helps your long-distance friends become your neighbors.

Governmental resources

Explore informative websites of your city, county, and state governmental agencies beyond PebbleCreek.


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