COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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How many people at PebbleCreek have had COVID-19?

There is no way to know how many people in our community have had COVID-19. Unless the affected person informs the HOA, the HOA has no way of knowing. It is a medical privacy issue and no one is required to report their status to the HOA.

There are infection numbers by ZIP code available, but keep in mind that our ZIP code is shared with part of Litchfield Park and, perhaps, other adjacent cities. The Arizona Department of Health Services has a dashboard that includes case count by ZIP code. If you click on Download Data, you can look up 85395. Also, remember there are asymptomatic people, people who don’t yet know that are infected, etc., so do be careful out there.

How many PebbleCreek people have died from COVID-19?

There is no way to know this number. Unless the family makes it known, the HOA has no way to find out.

What should I do if I think I might have COVID-19?

Review and follow guidance from the Arizona Department of Health Services as it related to isolation and quarantine. This guidance offers step by-step examples of what to do if you think you are infected, awaiting test results, recovered, etc. This guidance has been adopted by the HOA Board and can be considered protocol to follow for all residents, clubs, guests, visitors, employees, etc.

What can I do about the COVID-19 threat?

Every individual within this community is responsible for their own behavior, actions and choices. The HOA has communicated many times about protocols, safety measures and guidance from CDC and other resources. We have a COVID-19 Resource Page on the HOA website that archives every COVID-19-related communication we have shared since mid-March, but it is your duty to take responsible action to do whatever possible to slow and stop the spread of COVID-19. This is not the flu or a common cold, this is a serious, life-threating virus impacting the world. We ask that you follow CDC guidance and employ common sense when engaging in everyday activities. Your behavior and choices can have a serious impact on the lives of many people around you. Don’t let convenience, fatigue or familiarity get in the way of safe behaviors.

Please remember that if you choose to use an amenity, that is your choice, and you do so at your own risk. But with that choice also comes the responsibilities of wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and limiting time in the company of anyone outside your immediate household to less than 15 minutes when possible, among other safety protocols. Only you can control what happens next. Please use common sense out there—and please stay safe.

Will we be administering the vaccine here at PebbleCreek?

You may know that Kare Bears facilitates bringing the flu shot to PebbleCreek, through a relationship with Walgreens. With that in mind, HOA staff did reach out to find out if it was possible for the Covid-19 vaccine to be delivered in a similar manner. At this time vaccine providers, like Walgreens, are not set up to have remote site locations at this time. In addition, a staffer reached out to a CIGNA Medical Group location in the area and they indicated that currently they do not even have the infrastructure or training for their own medical professionals to begin administering the vaccine in their location. In addition, they have not even received any supplies of the vaccine yet, nor could they say when they would be receiving it. So, at this time, we do not have any opportunities for onsite vaccine administration.

We will continue to gather information and should the possibility be presented to us, we would absolutely support this and welcome the opportunity to have on site vaccine administration within the community.

If we're not administering the vaccine here, how do I get one?

Maricopa County has a COVID-19 vaccine web page that has information on how and when to sign up for the vaccine. You can find it here:  

Additionally, we encourage everyone to reach out to their individual healthcare providers proactively to be sure they know you would like to receive your vaccination.

Why are some of our facilities closed or restricted when similar facilities in other communities are open?

HOA Board Vice Chair Bob Parks answers this question as follows: “I recognize that we are in troubled times and we are experiencing unique challenges as individuals and as a community. That having been said, we are making decisions based on guidance from the CDC, the Governor’s Office and medical experts. We are doing so with the intent of providing our residents the maximum amount of freedom with the maximum amount of caution within our authority.

Some of our decisions have been extremely difficult, but well thought out and done so with the cooperation of the individuals or groups involved. We are constantly reevaluating our policies to better serve and protect our residents.

The best advice that I can provide to concerned residents, is to self-quarantine if you have any reservations about mingling with other residents. The policy of staying home seems to be the most effective in preventing the possibility of contracting COVID.”

Why are we advertising in-restaurant dining and group travel? Isn't this contradictory to closing other venues and encouraging staying home?

We encourage each resident of our community to evaluate the risk of their own behavior and make their own choices. Both our in-house dining and the advertised group travel are being conducted with social distancing, masking, and following other CDC recommendations for safety.

I missed the COVID-19 briefing from Banner Estrella executives. Are there notes or a recording?

Yes, the informational meeting was recorded for later viewing.  You can find it here: