PebbleCreek Homeowner Pre-Book Guest Golf Policy

At PebbleCreek Golf Resort we encourage homeowners to bring guests to enjoy the beautiful golf courses.  We also want to facilitate tee times for homeowners to meet their desires for golf with guests during their stay.  PebbleCreek homeowners may obtain tee times for guest play in two ways:

  1. Request a tee time (for any day of the week) from 5 to 7 days in advance for up to 3 guests per foursome using the Chelsea tee time reservation system.  Placement is determined by the Chelsea system.  
  2. Pre-Book a Saturday or Sunday tee time from 6 to 14 days in advance by phone or in person through either golf shop.  The tee time request must include at least 2 paying guests per foursome and will be assigned a set tee time when the booking is made.  Full rules and regulations for the pre-book guest policy are presented below.

Homeowner Pre-Book Guest Golf Policy 
Rules and Regulations

  1. These Rules and Regulations apply only to the Pre-Book tee time reservations described in #2 above.  They do not apply to any tee time reservations made through the Chelsea system, including those with guests.
  2. A homeowner may visit or call the golf shop to pre-book a Saturday or Sunday tee time 6-14 days in advance only if they have 2 or more paying guests in the group.    
  3. Guest pre-books may be arranged for any time of the day, subject to availability.
  4. Guest green fee rates for weekend play will apply.
  5. Guest green fees do not include a golf cart from the Association.
  6. If the homeowner can’t play with the 2 guests then the homeowner must be present at time of guest check in at the golf shop.
  7. The homeowner who makes a tee time under this policy is making the promise to deliver two (or more) players who will pay the guest green fee even if a guest cancels and the spot is later filled with another homeowner.  Therefore the homeowner who booked the time must either bring at least 2 paying guests or pay the applicable guest fees.
  8. A pre-book guest time must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance to avoid any obligation to pay the required minimum of two guest green fees.    

Posted 11/1/18