Books on CD

Books on CD, including a variety of best-sellers and classics, are available at the Activities Office for a rental fee of $2 per month. Lost or damaged CDs cost $20 each. 
Return CDs, using a slot in the door of the Activities Office, located at the northeast corner of Robson Circle and Clubhouse Drive. 
Office hours are Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Book Titles On CD Available For Rent

Updated March 3, 2020 - New donations are marked with an asterisk

Author -- Title  

Allende, Isabel -- In the Midst of Winter
Allende, Isabel -- Zorro  
Albom, Mitch -- Have a Little Faith  
Atkinson, Kate -- Started Early, Took My Dog  
Baldacci, David -- Divine Justice  
Baldacci, David -- The Escape  
Baldacci, David -- Evil  
Baldacci, David -- First Family  
Baldacci, David -- Guilty, The  
Baldacci, David -- Hell's Corner  
Baldacci, David -- Hour Game
Baldacci, David -- The Innocent 
Baldacci, David -- King and Maxwell 
Baldacci, David -- Last Man Standing  
Baldacci, David -- The Last Mile
Baldacci, David -- Memory Man
Baldacci, David -- No Man's Land
Baldacci, David -- One Summer 
Baldacci, David -- Simple Genius - Abridged  
Baldacci, David -- Sixth Man  
Baldacci, David -- Split Second  
Baldacci, David -- Stone Cold  
Baldacci, David -- The Target
Baldacci, David -- Total Control
Baldacci, David -- True Blue
Baldacci, David -- Zero Day  
Berry, Steve -- The Amber Room  
Berry, Steve -- The Charlemagne Pursuit  
Berry, Steve -- The King's Deception
Berry, Steve -- The Lincoln Myth
Berry, Steve -- The Venetian Betrayal  
Brown, Dan -- Angels and Demons
Brown, Dan -- Inferno  
Brown, Sandra -- Deadline  
Brown, Sandra -- Lethal  
Brown, Sandra -- Love's Encore
Brown, Sandra -- Low Pressure
Brown, Sandra -- Mean Streak
Brown, Sandra -- Prime Time 
Brown, Sandra -- Smash Cut  
Bush, George W. -- Decision Points  
Castle, Richard -- Driving Heat  
Castle, Richard -- Frozen Heat  
Castle, Richard -- Heat Rises
Castle, Richard -- High Heat  
Castle, Richard -- Storm Front
Castle, Richard -- Raging Heat  
Castle, Richard -- Wild Storm  
Chernow, Ron -- Alexander Hamilton  
Child, Lee -- Affair, The
Child, Lee -- Bad Luck And Trouble
Child, Lee -- Die Trying  
Child, Lee -- Enemy, The
Child, Lee -- Gone Tomorrow  
Child, Lee -- Make Me
Child, Lee -- Personal
Child, Lee -- Running Blind
* Child, Lee -- Too Much Time, Small Wars, Not a Drill
Child, Lee -- Tripwire
Child, Lee -- A Wanted Man
Child, Lincoln -- Forgotten Room  
Clancy, Tom -- Command Authority
Clancy, Tom -- Dead or Alive  
Clancy, Tom -- Bear and Dragon, The  
Clancy, Tom -- Rainbow Six  
* Clark, Mary Higgins -- As Time Goes By
Clark, Mary Higgins -- Daddy's Gone A Hunting
Clark, Mary Higgins -- I'll Walk Alone  
Clark, Mary Higgins -- Melody Lingers on, The  
Clark, Mary Higgins -- The Shadow of Your Smile
Clark, Mary Higgins -- Where Are You Now  
Coben, Harlan -- Collection: Promise Me, The Woods, Hold Tight  
Coben, Harlan -- The Final Detail
Coben, Harlan -- Just One Look  
Coben, Harlan -- Innocent, The
Coben, Harlan -- Tell No One
Connelly, Michael -- Black Box, The
Connelly, Michael -- The Closer
Connelly, Michael -- The Drop
Connelly, Michael -- Echo Park
Connelly, Michael -- The Fifth Witness  
Connelly, Michael -- The Gods of Guilt
Connelly, Michael -- The Reversal  
Connelly, Michael -- Nine Dragons
Connelly, Michael -- The Poet  
Connelly, Michael -- The Scarecrow
Connelly, Michael -- Void Moon 
Connelly, Michael -- Wrong Side of Goodbye, The  
Cook, Robin -- Critical  
Cook, Robin -- Foreign Body
Coonts, Stephen -- Deep Black Collection: Deep Black, Biowar, Dark Zone
Cornwell, Patricia -- Blow Fly
Cornwell, Patricia -- The Bone Bed  
Cornwell, Patricia -- Dust  
Cornwell, Patricia -- The Front  
Cornwell, Patricia -- Port Mortuary  
Cornwell, Patricia -- Red Mist
Cornwell, Patricia -- Unnatural Exposure  
Coulter, Catherine -- Double Take  
Coulter, Catherine -- Insidious  
Coulter, Catherine -- Knock Out
Coulter, Catherine -- Tailspin  
Coulter, Catherine -- The Valcourt Heiress
Coulter, Catherine -- Whiplash  
Cussler, Clive -- Bootlegger, The  
Cussler, Clive -- Crescent Dawn
Cussler, Clive -- Dark Watch
Cussler, Clive -- Devil's Gate  
Cussler, Clive -- The Kingdom 
Cussler, Clive -- The Mayan Secrets
Cussler, Clive -- Odessa Sea  
Cussler, Clive -- Plague Ship
Cussler, Clive -- Polar Shift  
Cussler, Clive -- The Silent Sea   
Cussler, Clive -- Tomb, The  
Cussler, Clive -- Treasure of Khan  
Cussler, Clive -- Typhoon Fury  
Delinsky, Barbara -- Secret Between Us  
Delinsky, Barbara -- Summer I Dared, The
DeMille, Nelson -- Collection: The General's Daughter / Cathedral / The Talbot Odyssey  
DeMille, Nelson -- Lion, The 
DeMille, Nelson -- Lion’s Game, The    
DeMille, Nelson -- Quest, The 
DeMille, Nelson -- Wild Fire  
DeMille, Nelson -- Up Country
Deaver, Jeffery -- Bodies Left Behind, The  
Doiron, Paul -- The Poacher's Son 
Dugoni, Robert -- My Sister's Grave        

Evanovich, Janet -- The Chase
Evanovich, Janet -- Explosive Eighteen  
Evanovich, Janet -- Fearless Fourteen  
Evanovich, Janet -- Finger Lickin Fifteen  
Evanovich, Janet -- Plum Lucky  
Evanovich, Janet -- Plum Spooky  
Evanovich, Janet -- Smokin' Seventeen  
Evanovich, Janet -- Takedown Twenty
Evanovich, Janet -- Tricky Twenty-Two
Evanovich, Janet -- Turbo Twenty-Nine
Evanovich, Janet -- Twelve Sharp
Evanovich, Janet -- Wicked Charms
Flynn, Vince -- American Assassin  
Flynn, Vince -- Kill Shot
Flynn, Vince -- Last Man, The  
Flynn, Vince -- Order to Kill  
Follett, Ken -- Fall of Giants  
* Follett, Ken -- Winter of the World
Frazier, Charles -- Thirteen Moons
Gardner, Lisa -- Love You More  
Gardner, Lisa -- Neighbor, The
Gardner, Lisa -- Say Goodbye
Grafton, Sue -- N is for Noose 
Grafton, Sue -- U is for Undertow  
Grafton, Sue -- V is for Vengeance
Grafton, Sue -- W is for Wasted
Grafton, Sue -- X

Author -- Title

Grisham, John -- Appeal, The 
Grisham, John -- Association, The
Grisham, John -- Broker, The  
Grisham, John -- Janson Option, The  
Grisham, John -- Confession, The  
Grisham, John -- Ford County 
Grisham, John -- Gray Mountain 
Grisham, John -- Juror, The  
Grisham, John -- Litigators, The  
Grisham, John -- Racketeer, The  
Grisham, John -- Rogue Lawyer  
Grisham, John -- Summons, The  
Grisham, John -- Sycamore Row
Harvey, Michael -- Third Rail, The  
Hawkins, Paula -- Girl on the Train, The
Higgins, Jack -- Darker Place, A 
Hillenbrand, Laura -- Unbroken
Hillerman, Tony -- The Sinister Pig  
Hoag, Tami -- Deeper Than The Dead
Hosseini, Khaled -- A Thousand Splendid Suns  
Iles, Greg -- Devil's Punchbowl, The  
Jance, J.A. -- Betrayal of Trust
Jance, J.A. -- Cruel Intent  
Jance, J.A. -- Dance Of The Bones 
Jance, J.A. -- Judgment Call
Jance, J.A. -- Justice Denied
Jance, J.A. -- Moving Target 
Jance, J.A. -- Queen of the Night  
Johansen, Iris -- Silencing Eve
Kellerman, Jonathan -- Compulsion  
Kellerman, Jonathan -- Evidence
Kellerman, Jonathan -- Victims
King, Stephen -- In The Tall Grass  
Koontz, Dean -- 77 Shadow Street  
Larsson, Stieg -- The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo 
Larsson, Stieg -- The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest
Larsson, Stieg -- The Girl Who Played With Fire  
Le Carre, John -- Single & Single 
Logan, T.M. -- Lies
Ludlum, Robert -- The Bourne Retribution
Ludlum, Robert -- The Janson Directive
Ludlum, Robert -- Jason Command, The  
Ludlum, Robert -- Jason Option, The

Mann, Terrance -- Read (Unabridged)  
Mathews, Jean Holbrook -- Assignment, The  
Moriarty, Lane -- Big Little Lies  
O’Reilly, Bill -- Killing Jesus 
O’Reilly, Bill -- Killing Kennedy  
O’Reilly, Bill -- Killing Lincoln 
O'Reilly, Bill -- Killing Patton  
O'Reilly, Bill -- Killing Reagan
Parker, Robert B. -- Painted Ladies 
Patterson, James --10th Anniversary 
Patterson, James -- 12th of Never  
Patterson, James -- 14th Deadly Sin  
* Patterson, James - 15th Affair
Patterson, James -- Alex Cross, Merry Christmas  
Patterson, James -- Alex Cross’s Trial  
Patterson, James -- Black Book, The  
Patterson, James -- Confessions of a Murder Suspect  
Patterson, James -- Confessions The Private School Murders  
Patterson, James -- Cross Country  
Patterson, James -- Cross Fire  
Patterson, James -- Cross Justice 
Patterson, James -- Cross Kill 
Patterson, James -- Cross My Heart  
Patterson, James -- Cross the Line  
Patterson, James -- Detective Cross  
Patterson, James -- Family Lawyer, The  
Patterson, James -- Gone 
Patterson, James -- Guilty Wives  
Patterson, James -- Haunted  
Patterson, James -- Hope To Die   
Patterson, James -- I, Michael Bennett & Michael Ledwidge 
Patterson, James -- Invisible  
Patterson, James -- Kill Alex Cross  
Patterson, James -- Kill Me If You Can 
Patterson, James -- Murder Games  
Patterson, James -- Murder House  
Patterson, James -- Now You See Her  
Patterson, James -- NYPD Red  
Patterson, James -- People vs Alex Cross, The  
Patterson, James -- The Postcard Killers 
Patterson, James -- Private  
Patterson, James -- Private Berlin 
Patterson, James -- Private Games  
Patterson, James -- Private London
Patterson, James -- Private Vegas
Patterson, James -- Sail
Patterson, James -- Swimsuit  
Patterson, James -- Unlucky 13  
Patterson, James -- You've Been Warned  
Patterson, James -- Zoo 
Picoult, Jodi -- Vanishing Acts  
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln -- Cold Vengeance  
Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln -- Fever Dream  
Reich, Christopher -- Tules of Deception  
Rice, Anne -- Christ The Lord  
Robb, J.D. -- Calculated in Death
Robb, J.D. -- Concealed in Death  
Robb, J.D. -- Judgment in Death
Robb, J.D. -- Missing in Death
Robb, J.D. -- New York to Dallas  
Robb, J.D. -- Promises in Death  
Robb, J.D. -- Rapture in Death
Robb, J.D. -- Strangers in Death
Robb, J.D. -- Thankless in Death
Roberts, Nora -- Black Hills 
Roberts, Nora -- Dance of the Gods  
Roberts, Nora -- High Noon  
Roberts, Nora -- Play It Again  
Roberts, Nora -- Three Sisters Island CD Collection 
Rollins, James -- 6th Extinction
Rollins, James -- Blood Gospel, The  
Rollins, James -- Kill Switch, The  
Sandford, John -- Bad Blood 
Sandford, John -- Buried Prey 
Sandford, John -- Dark of the Moon 
Sandford, John -- Mad River 
Sandford, John -- Phantom Prey  
Sandford, John -- Storm Prey  
Sandford, John -- Wicked Prey
Scottoline, Lisa -- Come Home  
Silva, Daniel -- A Death in Vienna  
Silva, Daniel -- English Girl, The  
Silva, Daniel -- Fallen Angel, The
Silva, Daniel -- Heist, The 
Silva, Daniel -- House of Spies
Silva, Daniel -- Messenger, The
Steel, Danielle -- Blue  
Steel, Danielle -- Rogue  
Thor, Brad -- Act of War  
Thor, Brad -- Hidden Order 
Turow, Scott -- Personal Injuries
Turow, Scott -- Testimony
Van Liere, Donna -- The Christmas Secret  
Wallace, Michael -- Gates of Babylon, The  
Wambaugh, Joseph -- Hollywood Crows  
Weiner, Jennifer -- The Next Best Thing 
Weiner, Jennifer -- Then Came You  
Woods, Sherryl -- Home in Carolina  
Woods, Stuart -- Beverly Hills Dead  
Woods, Stuart -- Cut and Thrust  
Woods, Stuart -- Kisser  
Woods, Stuart -- The Run 
Woods, Stuart -- Santa Fe Dead  
Woods, Stuart -- Severe Clear 
Woods, Stuart -- Carnal Curiosity